flip1 [ flıp ] verb
1. ) intransitive or transitive to turn over quickly, or make something turn over:
The car flipped as it rounded the final curve.
You're supposed to flip a new mattress regularly.
Just six months ago, she was flipping hamburgers for $6 an hour.
a ) to throw a coin into the air, making it turn over quickly, in order to decide about an issue: TOSS
2. ) intransitive to change suddenly from one subject, activity, or opinion to another:
flip between: She can flip between Spanish and English very easily.
They've flipped back and forth between supporting and opposing these proposals.
a ) intransitive or transitive to quickly change the CHANNELS on a television:
Would you stop flipping channels!
b ) transitive to quickly turn the pages in a book, magazine, etc.
3. ) transitive to change the position of something, or exchange the positions of two or more things:
flip something around/round: Flip the last two numbers around and there's your answer.
4. ) flip or flip out intransitive INFORMAL to become very angry:
Her father flipped when he saw the phone bill.
a ) to become very enthusiastic or happy:
He flipped when he heard that he'd won.
flip a switch
to switch a light, machine, etc. on or off
flip someone the bird/flip off AMERICAN INFORMAL
to make a very rude and offensive sign that you are angry by showing someone your raised middle finger
flip your lid INFORMAL
to become so angry that you lose control
,flip `off phrasal verb transitive
1. ) AMERICAN INFORMAL to make a very rude and offensive sign that you are angry by showing someone your raised middle finger:
That guy just flipped me off.
2. ) to switch off a light, machine, etc.
,flip `on phrasal verb transitive
to switch on a light, machine, etc.
,flip `out phrasal verb intransitive INFORMAL
same as FLIP1 4
,flip `through phrasal verb transitive
flip through something to quickly look through a magazine or book, or quickly look at several different television programs: FLICK THROUGH
flip 2 [ flıp ] noun count
1. ) an action of quickly hitting a small object with your fingers or thumb, especially so that it spins in the air:
the flip of a coin: The game was decided by the flip of a coin.
2. ) an action of jumping up and turning completely over in the air:
He broke his arm trying to do a flip.
flip 3 [ flıp ] adjective INFORMAL
not serious enough, or not showing enough respect: FLIPPANT:
a flip answer/remark

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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